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Opportunities, Alternatives, and Resources of Tompkins County Inc.   518 W. Seneca Street, Ithaca, NY 14850    Phone: 607-272-7885

Opportunities, Alternatives, and Resources

OAR began its mission in 1976 as a volunteer organization run by a small and dedicated group of Tompkins County residents concerned with local incarceration issues. The agency initially functioned as a visitation service for prisoners in county jail, striving to mitigate the negative effects of institutionalization through simple humane acts. Our mandate has expanded from jail visitation to include a range of support and advocacy services for former and current inmates, as well as for their families and friends.

OAR's present services include: arranging interest-free bail loans for qualifying pre-trial detainees; facilitating inmate contact with their families, loved ones, employers and schools; increasing clients' awareness of and access to appropriate community services and criminal justice resources; providing a community presence at Tompkins County Jail to promote humane and legally required treatment of incarcerated persons; providing Tompkins county jail inmates with assistance, problem-solving and therapeutic dialogue to mitigate the stress, isolation, and depression associated with incarceration.

About OAR

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Opportunities, Alternatives, and Resources, formerly known as Offender Aid and Restoration is an independent non-profit agency that welcomes community involvement and support. We advocate for the rights and welfare of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated community members and their families in Tompkins County.

Direct Dial Phone Numbers:



Assigned Counsel Program


Human Rights Commission